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Have you been looking forward to owning stain-free, 100% thoroughly clean carpets? If so, then you have come to the right place. Newcastle Carpet and Tile Cleaning is a one-stop destination for all your carpet cleaning requirements. Our team relies on a proven, ultra-advanced, carpet steam cleaning system. So if you have a residential or commercial carpet cleaning job that needs doing, our expert services will help you achieve the best results.


Word of caution

Prior to getting your carpets cleaned, it is crucial to do a little research. We strongly suggest you do not choose a carpet cleaner solely based on price. This could prove to be a huge mistake. Most carpet cleaners that advertise very low prices use a bait & switch approach where, after they arrive at your home or office, push up the price to some exorbitant figure.

It is always wise to choose a carpet cleaning company that will ensure a 100% guarantee on their work. A certified carpet cleaner will have gone through rigorous formal training. The company should also have passed an examination in order to acquire their qualification. This is crucial to ensure that the professionals visiting you know their trade and your valuable assets are in safe hands.

Also make sure you choose a carpet cleaner who uses van-mounted equipment; the powerful industrial machines are known for the intensive degree of heat and suction, as compared to portable carpet cleaning equipment. Sufficient heat and suction are indispensable in achieving thoroughly clean carpets and effective stain removal.

The price factor

Make sure the price quoted to you over phone is precisely the same price you will be paying once the job is complete. Most cheap carpet cleaning companies usually make use of cheap quality chemical products that prove very harmful for your carpets and upholstery. Low quality chemicals will produce irreparable damage to your carpet. Too much chemical residue is left behind in the carpet and upholstery and, after a few weeks, carpets will be dirtier than they were before.

You can choose van-mounted, truck-mounted, or, if you use both, then ‘van/truck-mounted’ and upholstery and, after a few weeks, carpets will be dirtier than they were before.

At Newcastle Carpet and Tile Cleaning,

1. with years of experience in carpet steam cleaning services, we have carved out a niche for ourselves in Newcastle and the Hunter region.
2. We utilise the latest and most advanced Van-mounted carpet cleaning tools and equipment.
3. We have been awarded with an IICRC Certificate.
4. We are covered under public liability insurance.
5. We offer a complete guarantee for our range of services.
6. We offer competitive rates for premium quality work.
7. Upfront cost with absolutely no hidden charges.

We kindly request you to call us on 02 4009 1571 for more information on our services. Our representatives will be happy to discuss your carpet steam cleaning requirements.