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Upholstery cleaning service:

Despite the utmost care taken at home to look after your upholstery, you would be amazed to know what accumulates in fabric with normal everyday use; sweat, grime, food and drink spills, human skin, human and pet hair, body oils and dust, just to name a few. Some of these, if left long enough, can turn into fungus and cause bacteria to grow.

With our cleaning techniques, you will receive a premium upholstery cleaning service that can remove all of these nasties and leave your lounge and upholstery looking and smelling fresh.

The premium grade service at Newcastle Carpet and Tile Cleaning includes:

  • Pre-evaluation of the lounge suite.
  • Instant treatment of spots and stains.
  • Application of high quality cleaning agents.
  • Professional highly-effective steam clean.
  • Fabric rinse with guarantee of no chemical residue in the fabric.
  • Specialised sanitising and deodorising process.
  • Scotchgarding to ensure protection and prolonged life of upholstery.
  • The upholstery dries within two hours, leaving it ready for same-day use.

We also offer dust mite and a heavy-duty treatment for our clients if required for peace of mind and complete satisfaction.

Personal Inspection

If you would like to know more about our cleaning processes, simply call us on 02 4009 1571 anytime. On completion of upholstery or lounge cleaning, feel free to ask our courteous technician to show you the grey water inside the van-mounted tank. The water will smell of the dust, dirt and grime that has been extracted from your lounge/upholstery.

Steam cleaning furnishings will add years to the life of your furnishings. The process will also perk up and rejuvenate the overall decor and appearance of room. Steam cleaning your upholstery every 6 months to a year will maintain its look and keep your environment healthy. If you have children and pets at home, professional cleaning every three months is advisable. For a candid obligation-free quote from a certified and licensed professional, please get in touch with a member of our team:

Simple tips to maintain your upholstery
It is easy to maintain upholstery at home. All you need to do is to follow some simple tips:

Avoid direct sunlight and pollutants

Too much sun is damaging for furnishing fabric and leads to fading. The fabric should be dried in shade or in a manner that avoids extended exposure to sunlight. Pay special attention to silk fabric.

Proper Ventilation

Some airborne pollutants such as fumes from smoke or cooking can be really harmful to fabric. This is unavoidable but proper ventilation can definitely help. This process will control odour.

Turn Cushions

One of the best ways to extend the life of your furniture is via turning over the loose cushions every few months. This facilitates even distribution of wear and tear and will help prevent premature development of wear marking. Fluffing cushions soon after you’ve cleaned is also very helpful in keeping them in shape. Changing the cushions around and turning them over will guarantee even wear.

Vacuum Furnishings

You must vacuum furnishings on a weekly basis to eliminate surface soil. This prevents dirt from getting embedded in the fibers. It is also possible to brush, in order to whisk the dirt away gently; a soft-bristled brush is ideal.

Spot Clean

It is crucial to blot any spills instantly with a clean folded towel. Avoid rubbing the area. The key is to blot very gently. This will help you get rid of the stain completely. You must test in an inconspicuous region prior to using any product for spot cleaning.

Trust Professionals

The best way to keep your indoor environment clean, pollution-free and free of allergens is to rely on reputed professional cleaners. This will guarantee the best results for upholstery cleaning. It is highly recommended to get upholstery and lounge cleaning done at regular intervals without waiting for the upholstery to get really dirty, which is very dangerous and unhygienic for homes. Excess damage and dirt will make it really difficult to restore the upholstery to its original grandeur.

Why scotchgard after upholstery cleaning?

Scotchgard is usually applied soon after steam cleaning upholstery. There are a number of benefits for scotchgarding upholstery, the major being its effectiveness in protecting newly-cleaned furnishings, which keeps the upholstery cleaner for longer.

Other Benefits

Resistance from soiling and staining.
Maintains original look and feel of upholstery.
Prevents spills from soaking through.

We offer special deals on Scotchgarding lounges and upholstery. Speak to our customer representatives to know more about the latest offers.

Our dust mite protection and treatment service

Dust mites are a common threat for upholstery and lounges. They may also attack the carpeted and other upholstered areas of your home. Some of the major symptoms of dust mite allergies include runny nose, hay fever, eczema, watering eyes, itching, difficulty in breathing, sneezing, etc. In order to keep dust mites away from your home and lounge, it is crucial to conduct professional upholstery cleaning on a regular basis.

Allow us the opportunity to manage your specific upholstery and lounge cleaning requirements. We will be more than happy to serve you. Call us on 02 4009 1571

At Newcastle Carpet and Tile Cleaning, we ensure absolutely clean and hygienic tiles and grout.