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Tile & Grout Cleaning

This is our message for all proud homeowners with a dream to have the cleanest and most hygienic home. We understand what clean and attractive tiles mean to you. But this is easier said than done. Scrubbing, washing, and scraping tiles of dirt, grime, and germs can be frustrating. It does more harm to your tiles than good.


At Newcastle Carpet and Tile Cleaning, we feel that this is something you shouldn’t lose sleep over. Our team, comprising of highly experienced and certified tile and grout cleaners, will guarantee the cleanest tiles. Our business is heavily dependent on the respect and loyalty of our esteemed patrons. Hence, we believe in pulling out all stops to establish a long-standing happy relationship with our customers.

We take great pride in cleaning your tiles and helping maintain their overall look. Your patronage and continued repeat business inspires us to serve you better.
Choosing Newcastle Carpet and Tile Cleaning is a guarantee for 100% satisfaction and absolute peace of mind.

Our services come with a written guarantee for 100% satisfaction. We stand behind every job 100% as we want you to be our customer for life.

Our tile cleaning service:

Hard surface floors demand close maintenance on a regular basis to preserve their original beauty and enhance their natural look. We hold expertise in all areas of tile & grout cleaning. Whether it is your home or office, trust our range of expert services range cleaner, health-friendly and attractive tiles.

You make every effort to keep your house clean, no doubt, but do these efforts guarantee your house is 100% clean? You may not believe this, but there are many ugly things lurking on your tiles, grout, and floor and these are very dangerous to your health.

How clean is your home?

Did you know you have a filter at home that traps everything from dust to grime, soil, mould, fungus, pollen, oils, smoke residue, toxins, chemicals, bacteria, and foodstuffs? – this is none other than your beloved carpet lying in the living room and enhancing the beauty of home. Just like the filter in your air conditioner, humidifier, chimney, and equipment at home, your carpet demands thorough cleaning on a regular basis to let you breathe fresh air.

The dirt and grime from carpet turns into gunge1. This is simply detestable!
The tested and proven tile cleaning process used by Newcastle Carpet and Tile Cleaning will give a new life to your tiles. We guarantee removal of harmful particles from tiles and grout and the restoration of your tiles to the point that they will look how they did when they were first laid. You will be surprised at how beautiful your home looks and feels. The tiles will shine and look wonderful! We guarantee you 100% clean tiles.

We implement a very efficient cleaning process that is very effective and economical. During the cleaning process, our professionals will make all efforts to produce minimal disruption and mess to your home. We take careful precautions to protect valuables, walls, carpets, cabinets, and furnishings while our experts clean your home.
If you are looking forward to have a clean home, we ensure you the cleanest of homes after the cleaning of dirty and discoloured grout and tiles.
Reach us today on 02 4009 1571 for the cleanest of tiles.

The Home Cleaning Method

Most people still rely on the traditional mop for cleaning ceramic tiles. This is not a bad option, but the tiles get darker in the traffic areas with time. Mopping is certainly not the complete solution. Dirt and soil from the mop has the tendency to get absorbed deep into the grout between the tiles. This will leave it dull and dingy in the

2please check this: ‘transfers into grout’ as I don’t know what you mean – moves from the carpet in the lounge room into the space between the tiles in the bathroom or ‘turns into gunge’ long run.

What the old toothbrush? Fair enough- but are you ready for the pain and effort of a full day on your hands and knees cleaning tiles and grout?

The Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning

At Newcastle Carpet and Tile Cleaning, we use the latest technology in the industry in order to ensure 100% clean, sanitised and beautified tiles for your home. Our team employs a dynamic high-pressure truck/van-mounted tile cleaning machine. The water is super-heated to 2501 degrees and sprayed at high pressure (2000 PSI). This process facilitates the restoration of original colour and enhances the beauty of tiles and grout. Our professional cleaners will simultaneously extract the water and leave the flooring virtually dry to avoid all kinds of mess.


Following tile cleaning, we seal the tiles to ensure complete protection from the dirt and grime. Additionally, it ensures an attractive lacquered or matt finish to the tiles. With us, the tiles get cleaner, fresher, sanitised and polished within 10 minutes with 100% guarantee for quality.
We are backed by a highly-advanced super-powerful van-mounted cleaning system. This will restore the natural beauty of your ceramic tiles and grout without hurting your pocket.

With Newcastle Carpet and Tile Cleaning service, your floors will be squeaky clean and sparkling – like new. We help you save time and money.
Some effective tile and grout cleaning tips
Our professional tile cleaning team has narrowed down some effective tips to help you maintain tiles and grout at home; for everything else, call us any time:

  • Prepare a gentle solution for cleaning.
  • Mix about one half cup of mild detergent with 2 litres of water.
  • Apply the solution to a small area.
  • Scrub the grout joins between the tiles gently.
  • You must soak the liquid up completely (a terry towel works well)
  • Allow to dry.

Get in touch with us on 02 4009 1571 to ensure 100% tile and If this is Fahrenheit, you should change it to Celsius (more than 120 degrees Celsius) grout cleaning. With us, you can save time, money and effort.
We would love the opportunity to take care of your tile cleaning needs today and in the future.