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Dust mite, stain, and odour removal

Dust mites can ruin your life. These dangerous microscopic bugs cause serious allergic reactions and breathing problems


Dust mite stain and odour removal

Dust mites thrive on flakes of human and pet skin, moisture, etc. Dust mites thrive in a narrow temperature and humidity range such as is found in the bedding and mattresses in our home.

To ensure good health, it is crucial to control the dust mite population in our bedrooms. Listed below are some tips to keep dust mites away from your home:

Ensure good ventilation in your bedrooms.

Vacuum clean your carpet surface on a regular basis to allow allergen particles to blend into the atmosphere and move out of windows. The process will also remove skin flakes from carpet surface to reduce the food source for dust mites.
Wet extraction cleaning for carpets at home is important to minimize deep seated dust in the fibres.
Steam cleaning is very efficient in removing allergens and exterminating dust mites completely.

Spots on Furniture

Pets are an integral part of your home life. We love them and like to spend a lot of time with them, however they can also be a potential source for accidents and bad odour. There is no reason to lose your sleep over the issue or resent our four-legged friends; Newcastle Carpet and Tile Cleaning will help you get rid of all kinds of spots, odours, and damage produced by your beloved pets. We can help improve your relationship with your pets by tackling the mess they cause.

Go Professional

If you are serious about maintaining your asset investments in their best condition, trust us with them. With pets, it is obvious that carpets, upholstery, and furniture can, and do, get soiled with urine, vomit, faeces and various other types of organic spots. Attempting ‘DIY’ cleaning could damage your valuables beyond repair. The process requires 100% professional attention. Products bought from supermarkets are loaded with harmful chemicals, and, moreover, these products are incapable of removing impediments and sanitising completely. In fact, most of these products don’t work at all.
We at Newcastle Carpet and Tile Cleaning use highly advanced products to spot clean your valuables and remove all kinds of nasty odours.

Peculiar odours

Worried about peculiar odours in your home? Do your guests complain about a musky, strange smell when they enter your home? Stop worring about odours that visitors may smell in your home; just call us on 02 4009 1571 to find out how we can help you.