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Of course, we love our pets. They are dear to us. But at times, it is very irritating to see our carpets soiled with urine. This is the most common problem faced by pet owners. No wonder the marketplace is loaded with a vast array of DIY products claiming to offer a ‘professional like’ carpet cleaning experience.


Do they really work? NO. No process will genuinely treat the problem better than professional steam cleaning. For pet urine, we use the most advanced ‘Hot Water Extraction’ method.
What is Water Extraction?

Hot Water Extraction is an advanced technique used for washing rugs, carpets. lounges etc. It involves the simultaneous release and extraction of boiling water into, and out of, the carpet. This is known to be the most effective method to date for dealing with pet urine in carpet.

The problem demands more than just steam cleaning and the success of steam cleaning will depend on the effectiveness of the equipment and its operators. . At Newcastle Carpet and Tile Cleaning, we employ an extensive range of specialised techniques devised to restore urine-damaged carpets. The method we opt for depends on the level and severity of damage.

We are equipped with tools that can accurately measure and indicate the precise location of urine in carpet. After determining the location of damage, we can begin the treatment. Apart from the effective treatment of carpet, we also address the problem of odour. We make sure your carpet looks new and smells fresh.

Do you have a urine smell problem at home?
The smell of pet urine is strong and easy to recognise. The peculiar musky smell can really get up your nose, especially on humid days. Although a urine patch on the carpet will, the effect lingers on.
Dryness only means the water component of urine has evaporated. Thereafter, the other components get concentrated on the back of the carpet – these are the components that cause the odour. Also the back of the carpet remains moist for some time causing a dank smell that mixes in with the urine odour.


Removing urine from carpet

Where your beloved pet has been urinating on the carpet frequently in one specific area, the back of the carpet will become saturated with concentrated urine. The odour will also start to spread and reproduce.
But this is not a problem for our specialised super-advanced pet urine treatment. It will eradicate 100% of the damage, stains, and odour from your carpet. Being equipped with a hi-tech van/truck-mounted system; our restoration method is 100% effective and successful.

The van/truck-mounted system used at Newcastle Carpet and Tile Cleaning super-heats the water. The dynamic machine will suck out every minuscule droplet of pet urine from your valuable asset; from the surface through to the backing.
We also undertake projects wherein the carpet is affected by pet vomit or diarrhea.

Please have a look at the pictures taken by our professionals while on the job. We also have some testimonials from our valued customers, who have experienced pet urine issues that were resolved to their complete satisfaction.