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Leather Cleaning


We revel in ensuring clean, hygienic, fresh smelling leather that we clean and condition. Choosing Newcastle Carpet and Tile Cleaning is a guarantee of 100% satisfaction and safety for your valuable assets.

We guarantee efficiency and success of our work in writing. Nothing is more important for us than keeping your valuables safe, clean, and giving you total satisfaction. We stand behind each job we undertake.

Leather Cleaning Service

We take pride in our certified, trained, highly experienced team of technicians who are experts in cleaning and conditioning valuable leather upholstery. Newcastle Leather Cleaning Service can improve the overall appearance, feel, and condition your leather upholstery.

Our technicians are masters in effectively applying leather cleanser to eliminate all traces of soil, dirt, grime, and stains from leather surface. This process is time consuming and accomplished by hand to restore valuable furnishings to as-new condition.

Soon after leather is professionally cleaned and restored, our professionals apply a special refinishing cream accompanied by a protective coating. This augments the overall look of the leather hide. The process also protects it from spills and regular wear & tear.

Leather Stains

Leather has a tendency to repel most of the stains if blotted up instantaneously. This method will dissipate most of the stains with time. However, there are some things that leather cannot bear. Oils, perspiration and certain acids found on the human body are absorbed by leather. This constant build up tends to get entrenched

Is this another name of the company? – If not, use ‘Newcastle Carpet & Tile Cleaning’s leather cleaning service can improve…’ deep into the leather leading to serious damage.
Regular maintenance of leather valuables, by the experienced professionals at Newcastle Carpet and Tile Cleaning, will guarantee longevity to your investment.

Leather Cleaning the Newcastle Way

We will instantly nourish and protect your leather against colour fading, scuffing and staining. Our specialised procedure will also protect your leather belongings from heat and moisture. We use high quality highly advanced leather cleaning products that clean your leather without causing any harm or leaving any lasting odour. These products will not penetrate the leather completely.

Our unique leather cleaning products won’t rub off on clothing. They will also prevent natural oils found on the neck and hair from being absorbed deep into your valuable leather furniture. This will keep the leather from becoming sticky due to body heat or warm weather.

Premium leather cleaning services to Newcastle and surroundings include but are not restricted to the following:

  • Our professional staff will reach the appointed destination on time and in proper uniform. This helps you identify them prior to permitting entrance to home.
  • We will start by clearing cushions off your leather upholstery.
  • Our certified professionals will test the leather for various parameters such as colour-fastness.
  • The leather is cleaned using a white terry towel cloth.
  • Soon after completing the cleaning process, we will apply a specially formulated protective, conditioning coating. This coating will prevent leather from cracking. It also acts as a deep moisturising agent.
  • Our professional staff will conduct a thorough inspection session for your leather lounge in order to guarantee 100% satisfaction with the service.

With all of the above listed leather cleaning procedures, your leather lounge will be squeaky clean, brilliantly shinny, and fresh as new. The condition of leather products will be similar to when you first bought them.

For a genuine & obligation-free quote from a certified & licensed leather cleaning professional, call us on 02 4009 1571.
Some valuable tips to maintain your leather furnishings:

Leather Stains

Of course, nobody would want stubborn ink stains on their expensive leather furniture, jackets, shoes, purses, etc. Our specialised and highly advanced leather cleaning service will tackle this problem effectively, however, you could take some precautions to prevent the stains getting absorbed deep into the leather.

Alcohol Protection – rubbing alcohol is very effective in removing most ink stains. It is readily available from pharmacies and grocery stores. You simply need to put some on a soft cloth and rub or dab the area gently. Allow the area to dry. Make sure you test leather care products or cleaning products on a less visible area such as the back of the chair, inside arch of the shoe etc. Understand that not all leather is the same. Hence, you should treat different things differently.
Baby Wipes: These are really effective in cleaning car leather interiors. The special cleaning ingredients present in the wipes will help dissolve the stains without any difficulty. The wipes are non-abrasive and add certain amount of conditioning to the leather.

Anti-Bacterial Gel: All you need to do is rub a small amount of this wonder product into the stain. Now allow it to settle for a few minutes and then rub it off. The process has been used many times to eliminate ink stains from tan leather couches.

Rubbing Alcohol/Denatured Alcohol for Mildew: Take one cup of rubbing alcohol and, using a sponge, dab the leather. Allow to dry in an area with a breeze or some air movement. Now spray on using a spray mister. You should also allow the leather upholstery to dry where there is good air circulation.

Store Properly: You need to focus on proper storage of your leather items to prevent nasty mildew build-up.

Let your Valuables Breathe: Strictly avoid storing leather garments or shoes in fully sealed plastic bags. Allow the items to breathe. Sealed bags will lead to growth of mould and mildew.

Use Newspaper: In case, the leather gets wet simply stuff them with dry newspaper. This is the best way to allow the leather to maintain its original shape while drying. This is also important to ensure good absorption of moisture. Avoid wearing them again until they have dried fully.
Stuff Bags: Try stuffing all of your leather bags with tissues or newspaper. This will help them maintain their original shape and absorb any moisture due to humidity.

Let us take care of your valuable leather assets now. We will ensure careful treatment of your leather lounge.